Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ozeri Ultra Wind 42" Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan Review

It it 95 degrees here today, and in the past few months we have seen temperatures in the 90's more than a dozen times! Of course days like these I have to use the AC, but the AC is such a electricity sucker that I try to turn it on as little as possible. 

On days where it is hot, but not scorching hot, I found this fan to be just as satisfying as using an AC! It allows you to choose from different options depending on your needs such as: Sleep Mode, Natural Mode, and Wind Mode, which all have different temperatures, wind speeds, and noise controls. 

The fan was very easy to put together, and it does not take up as much room as other types of fans. You can put this in the corner or in the closet when not in use. A bonus is that this is one nice looking fan. The fact that it is so slim (and not bulky) and comes in a nice silver color makes you space look much less cramped and more decorated. 

You can purchase the fan on Amazon: Shipping is free!

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