Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Johnson & Johnson Sweepstakes Winner

You all know that I am a huge fan of Sweepstakes and encourage everyone to enter as many as possible! Below is my unboxing video for a Johnson & Johnson  prize pack that I won from a blog contest!

The Shutterfly Sweepstakes will be closing soon and my next contest will hopefully be up shortly after that. Currently I am running these contests out of my own pocket, if anyone knows where to get sponsors for sweepstakes please let me know so I can provide more of them!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shutterfly Review & Giveaway

My two favorite sites to order holiday cards are & Not only are both of their sites easy to use and offer attractive cards, but they also provide lots of promotions for their sites! I recently got a $20 promotional code to Shutterfly for holiday cards, but I actually already ordered all of my cards! Therefore, I am excited to announce that I will be giving this credit away. This giveaway will last until December 1st and I will send the code out promptly so that you may order your cards!!

Following on twitter and on GFC is mandatory to enter! $20 worth of cards will be free, all you have to pay for is shipping and tax!! Not too bad!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birchbox November 2012 Review

View my unboxing video then come back and read my post :)

I got some great products in this month's box, but unfortunately no full size products. I have seen a lot of other reviews on the November box and others have received full size mascaras, eyeliners, and lip glosses  While my products were great, none were full size. If anyone has ever received a full size product from Birchbox please let me know why you think so (Do you subscribe yearly? How long have you been subscribed?)

Here's what is in the box:
 1.) Atelier Colgone. This perfume sample was just not for me. It did not smell like a flower at all even though it is called "Rose Anonyme Colohne Absolue". Also, it did not have a spray top. It had a pull off top, which I find very inconvenient since I use these on the go. I prefer a more fruity scent so I will not use this. Full size, $75-195.

2.) Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector: This cream is supposed to banish imperfections. I am very excited to try this out. It is on the smaller side for a sample, but nonetheless I am happy to get the product in my box. Full size, $58.

3.) Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture & Volume Spray: You spray this onto the ends of your roots for voluminous, sexy, tousled hair. I will probably not use this since these products usually do nothing for me. I will make it a stocking stuffer. Full size, $25

4.) stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer. I actually thought this was strictly a lipgloss considering the tube it came in, but you can actually use it anywhere on your face for shimmer all over. I have tried it on my lips and it is very shimmery. I have not tried a stila product before, but so far I am impressed. Full size ,$20

5.) The Lifestyle extra is a Chuao Chocolatier. I am very excited to try this because I got a potato chip covered in chocolate, sounds so good! What upsets me is that I only got one chip :(. A full size package comes with 7 and is $7.95. That is really expensive considering that they are smaller than a Lay's Chip! 

I really loved the products in this box, but I hope sometime soon I will get a full size product.  I want to continue getting the box at least through the holiday season in hopes that they Holiday Box will be a good one. This box also came with a postcard, a gift guide, and a $15 off coupon (for shoes that cost $88!). I wish that they would get rid of those types of items and add another sample! Though I am very happy that I did not get any foil packets this time around!

Is this box worth $10: With the 1 chocolate covered potato chip costing over $1, and the other samples being good sizes I would say yes. 
Is this box worth my $10: If this were my first box I would say no, but considering the fact that my last two would duds, this makes me say YES this is finally worth some bit of my money. 

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own and I was not asked, nor do I get compensation, to review the box or these items.

If you would like to sign up for the Beauty Box yourself, here is the link:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Crest White Strips Review

I was recently sent a box of Crest White Strips from Influenster to review. For those of you who do not know what Influenster is, it is a really fun social media site where you participate in order to earn and review products. You can participate by reviewing products and sharing products on other social media sites. It is a fun site and the products they send out are awesome.

This is the first product I have received from Influenster and I thought it was a great product. I received 7 white strips that you use for two hours for seven days (other boxes include 20 white strips which you use for 30 minutes a day). I have pictures below that show you how great the product works, but my teeth were very sensitive after a few days. On the box there is a warning that your teeth may become sensitive but that there is no risk to it so I continued to use the product. If I decide to use this product in the future I will get the less intensive strips (these ones were step 5)!

I truly do recommend these strips. They sell for about $50 and they are definitely worth the money.

After two days of using the strips.

After the full seven days!

Sam's Club sells similar strips for only $39.97!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beauty Box 5 Review

Beauty Box 5 was kind enough to send me a complimentary box for me to test out and review for you all. If you want to see my unboxing video, look above.

In my video I announced that I would use 3/5 products in the box, but actually that number has been reduced to 2/5 products. I thought the "Blinc mascara" was just a typical mascara but it actually sets little tubes onto your eyelashes in which you actually peel off using warm water. I have actually heard from many that it is uncomfortable so I will not be trying it.

Below I have a description of everything that was included in the box.

1.) Pur-lisse gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover 1.7oz.. This is a good size sample and I can not wait to try it out. A full bottle is 5.6 ounces and retails for $36!

2.) Bodyography  Foundation Primer Clear .53oz. Even though it sounds a lot smaller than the cleanser, and of course it is a bit, it is actually a great sample size for a primer. I have recieved a lot smaller ones in Birchbox. Also very excited to try this out and have seen great results from recent primers that I have tried out. A full size bottle is around $15.

3.) Blinc Mascara .02oz. This is a small sample, and with a normal mascara this would probably last a few weeks at most, with this type of product I am not sure. As described above, this product places tubes onto your lashes and you use warm water and pressure from your finger tips to pull them off. I have not heard great reviews about this, and I will not be trying it myself. Full size costs $26 for waterproof and $14 for washable.

4.) City Cosmetics City Lips Collagen Enhancing Lip Treatment, 1.5mls. According to it's description, "Once applied, lips swell continually for hours to visibly fill lines, boost volume, and keep lips lusciously moist." Not sure if I will try this out or not. The word "swell" does turn me off a bit. If any one has tried this let me know! Full Size retails for $35.

5.) Lash Card. These are individually wrapped Mascara Shields. They help prevent mascara from smudging and clumping. It looks as if you place these above your eyes while adding mascara. I do not have a huge issue with smudging or clumping so I will not be using these. Full size is around $27.

So after reviewing this box I am happy with the sample sizes and a couple of the products. I did feel that 2 eyelash products was too many in the box and if they replaced one of them with a different type of beauty product I would have been happier. So the pros are that they have great sample sizes so if that is what you are looking for in a box you should give it a try! I will continue to look at reviews of others boxes before making a decision. Please let me know if you enjoy the company and if filling out the beauty profile really works in your benefit. 

Thanks Beauty Box 5 for sending me this box to review. Please keep your sample sizes the way they are, customers love it! For me the majority of these products I would not use, but maybe in the future I will sign up!

Here is the link for all the info on signing up for BB5:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Influenster Unboxing Video

I have posted my unboxing video for the Influenster Oral Product that I have received  This is my first box from Influenster, and I was very excited with the product I got inside. I will definitely be using the product soon and will be posting my opinion about it.

To sign up to get Influenster boxes for yourself, click here.