Saturday, February 24, 2018

Review: Tsumbay Wake Up Light

I was very interested in testing out this Wake Up Light. I have used a Wake up Light before and much preferred this Tsumbay Wake Up Light over the other (well known) brand that I tested. I liked this wake up light but for a few reasons I will not continue to use it. 

First off, what I liked about the Wake up Light is the colors, the touch button, it's illumination and  the sounds. It has 7 different color options which are all just as memorizing and illuminating as the next. The wake up light can double as a night light or a night-mode lamp as it illuminates the whole room but not overwhelmingly so. The touch button on the top of the light is well responsive and had no issues responding whenever I did touch it. The wake up sounds are pleasant to listen to.

There are a few cons that I had with the light as well. First off, the lamp seemed to get pretty hot and did not hold the battery well after the first day. I did reach out to the manufacturer who said it has been tested and is perfectly safe. However, since the lamp was hot to the touch I do not want to continue using it and have my cats or myself accidentally touch it. I also did not like that all of the adjustment buttons were on the bottom of the light and you had to pick it up and flip it over to adjust any settings (once again an issue if the light is hot to the touch, see photo below).

There are some things that I wish the Wake up Light provided also. These are not deal breakers for me but just would have been nice. First off, the product does not contain a USB adapter (luckily I had one on hand). Even though there are 7 colors you seem to only be able to choose one color at a time. Lastly, as calming as the sounds were there are only 5 sounds to choose from so it would have been nice to have a bit more.

The design of the Wake Up Light is very modern. I really wish I could continue to use the product but due to the light getting hot I will not. If you are looking for a good Wake Up Light to try I do recommend the product in terms of use for an alarm clock but just keep in mind both the pros and cons I listed above. 

This product was sent to me from Tsumbay for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this post.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

January 2018 PetGiftBox Cat Review & [COUPON CODE]!!

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for, you guessed it, your pet! They offer a cat box (which is the one I am reviewing) and they also offer a dog box (which has 3 selections based on the size of your dog). The boxes cost $25 per month. You can also purchase a one time box if you would like to send one as a gift. Like other boxes, PetGiftBox does have a rewards program where you can earn points for free products and boxes. Also, every purchase helps feed 10 rescue pets!

Each box contains between 4 and 6 items that are hand picked by the PetGiftBox team. The items in the box can include treats, toys, and other helpful pet supplies.

My cats love getting these boxes! It is a nice treat for them to get some new toys and goodies! 

If you want to get your own box for your pet you can use the coupon code 'codyandkaci' at checkout to get 50% off your first box! To sign up or find out more info visit

The items in the box:

This months theme: Orange you glad it's 2018?

1.) Petsafe Slimcat Feeder Ball: My cats are so spoiled that they are not really the types to play for their meal. I have put treats in here and depending on their mood and how hungry they are they will try and get the treats out. I would use it more for a treat ball than a meal time activity. $6.95

2.) Oomaloo Extra Small Cat Ball with Bell: This is one of our favorite items in the box. All three of my cats love playing with this. The ball inside is a nice rattle and not overly obnoxious. $2.99 

3.) Emerald Pet Feline Chicken Dental Treats: I can get Vince & Kaci to eat these. They prefer temptations but if they really want a treat they will eat these. They are a little big but I guess that is needed to help the teeth. Luke is extremely picky about treats and will sniff and walk away.  $3.99

4.) Crochet Kitty 2018 Wand Toy: This is another big hit out of the box. All of my cats love playing with this toy with me. They love to chew on the felt numbers too. $9.00

5.) Imperial Cat Cat n Around Goldie Goldfish: Though not the most used toy out of this box my cats do love playing with Goldie Goldfish. They like to lick him and bat him around! $6.50

Total Value: $29.43 The value of the box is higher than the cost of the subscription which always makes it worth it. The fact that my cats like and use all of the items in the box this is one of our favorite recent boxes. All of the toys are played with on a daily basis. 

PetGiftBox supports America's Vet Dogs which is a non-profit organization that provides guide dogs for disabled veterans. These dogs also help PTSD patients at VA Hospitals. It is great to see a company that is helping the community.

To sign up go here: and do not forget to use coupon code "codyandkaci" to get 50% off your first box. (This code is now also good for also) 

PetGiftBox sent me a complimentary box for review. All opinions are my own and I do not recommend any products or services that I would not use myself. No other compensation was received.