Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Save Money on Buying Gifts

How to save money buying gifts!thumbnail

So we all dread the holidays and relatives birthdays for the sole reason that we do not have enough money in our bank accounts to get everyone a present. There are ways to save money and still get people a nice gift. Try these steps..

things you'll need:

  • A big paper (or plastic) bag.
  • Coupons
  • Rewards Cards
  • An email address
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      Coupons. Always use coupons. For others purchases as well as your own. You can get coupons out of magazines, newspapers, and there are even web sites online that you can print coupons on (go to google and type in "Free Printable Coupons".) It might only save you $.50 here and there, but that money adds up. For each amount you saved whether it be $.50 or $10, put that money in a jar for "Gift Money".
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      Rewards Cards. Almost every store these days has a rewards card. Make sure you sign up for them if they are free (most are). Every purchase in that store will gain you some sort of points, which eventually add up to money off your next purchase. Also, some rewards cards will give you coupons for "Free" Items. Even if the free item isn't something you will personally use, make sure you pick it up and put it in your big bag that has all your future gifts in them.
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      Emails. Sure these weekly mailings may be a pain. A lot of them happen to be useful though. Some mailings have discount coupons and free with purchase gifts. Like above, even if the gift is something you will not use - PICK IT UP! Someone you know will happen to like it.

      We can all get caught up in trying to save money that we end up spending more. Make sure the free and cheap stuff you get you put in your big bag and don't use for yourself (Sure you may like it too, but then you won't have a step up on your gifts). Also, DO NOT spend a lot of money just for the "Free Gift". Some offers only make you spend $10 or less in a store to get a free gift (Bath & Body Works, Staples, Victoria's Secret, CVS.. etc) Be careful when you are using coupons and make sure you read the fine print in the "sale" ads. Due to the economy, stores are getting tricky with their "sale or free" items so always weigh the pros and cons before buying.