Friday, February 28, 2014

Ozeri INSTAVAC Food Storage Set Review

I have another great Ozeri product to rave about today. I have been using the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set for a little over a month now and I must say that I am in love.

This Storage set has as Instant Vacuum so there is no pumping involved! When you press down on the lid all of the air exits! This allows food to stay fresher longer and prevents bacteria from growing. The bottom is also raised a bit so that your food is elevated from the water that sometimes builds up. I mostly keep fruit and vegetables in these as well as cooked meat which seems to last a few extra days than other storage methods. I also keep pure pumpkin in them which allows the pumpkin to be stored in the refrigerator for seven days!

These a dishwasher safe so no need for hand washing (unless you want to!) and you are also able to put them in the microwave so no need to dirty another container or dish!

If you are interested in getting yourself a set they are on sale right now on Amazon for $24.95. It comes in a 8 piece nesting set (easy for storing when not in use).

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