Friday, August 16, 2013

The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Mega Pack Product Review

The Natural Pet Company was nice enough to send me out their mega pack of toys for my cats to play with! My cats are so happy with these toys and have been playing with them for over a week now. Usually, they get bored of new toys after two days so I am happy that they are still enjoying them.

My cats love this pack of toys, especially the mouse on a stick. My nine year old cat can play with the mouse on a stick for hours. I have been using this with him for over a week now and he is not bored of it yet when usually they hate new toys after a few days. My five year old cat can careless about the mouse on a stick but enjoys the balls with the ribbons on them. Neither care for the stand alone mouse yet but I feel they will use that one after they get semi-bored of the other toys. I did have to tie a knot for the mouse on a stick since I accidentally ripped it out when trying to unravel the toy. 

Cody loves the mouse on a stick!

Kaci guards the toys so Cody can not play!

If you are looking for new toys for your cats I would recommend getting this pack. It is available on Amazon at:
 It is on sale right now for $13.95 and shipping is free if you spend over $25 on products from Amazon. It is a good deal for high quality cat toys.

Disclaimer: I was sent this pack of toys free to review on Amazon. I was not asked to review this on my blog, but since my cats loved the toys so much I wanted to share this with my readers. Regardless, my opinions are my own and I always give honest reviews! 

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