Friday, August 30, 2013

Spoiled Rotten Cat Subscription Box Review

Pet Flow was kind enough to send me a complimentary Spoiled Rotten Cat Box for my review. You can get the Spoiled Rotten Cat box or the Spoiled Rotten Dog box for $24.99 per month. Each box contains almost $40 worth of products. Take a look at the video below where my cats, Cody and Kaci, and I open up the box!

The items included in this box are:

1.) Perfect Bites Cat Treats in Rabbit Flavor. These treats are made with only the highest quality ingredients and the hexagon shape is specifically designed to work with a cat's taste buds. $5.99

2.) Perfect Bites Cat Treats in Salmon Flavor. These treats contain bits of nutritious Salmon and the treats are wheat, corn, and soy free, and also contain no artificial flavors or colors. They are only 1 calorie per treat! $5.99

3.) Royal Canin Intense Beauty Cat Food. Formulated to strengthen and beautify a cat's coat. $1.99

4.) Petstages Shake Rattle and Roll Cat Toy. Neither of my cats like this toy yet. It is really loud so I assume that is what they don't like. I am hoping they will get used to it. My cats are 5 years old and 9 years old and both like to play.  $4.99

5.) Natural Chemistry Dental Cleanse for Cats. The cleanse is tasteless, odorless, and colorless, and works to eliminate bad breath and gingivitis, and also reduces plaque build up. I already called my vet and their dental hygienist said it was perfectly safe to use! $6.99

6.) Pet Naturals Vermont Dairy Cat Treats. These are made with real milk and yogurt! They are also free of corn meal, added grains, and artificial ingredients. $7.99

7.) Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Cat Food. This cat food provides your cat with a boost of energy and helps your cat maintain and ideal weight. $1.99

Total Value: $35.93

My thoughts: The box came with 3 bags of treats, 2 cans of cat food, a hygiene product, and a toy. It was a great mix of stuff and my cats will use all of it (except for the toy so far)! I would be interested in seeing how they alternate products in the box. The cans of cat food with be gone in a couple days, but those 3 bags of treats will last me for months--therefore do you receive so many treat bags in every box? Of course, my cats would not mind but with healthy treats the expiration dates are not as long as with "junk food" treats! Overall, I think it is a great service and one that we will be subscribing to in the future.

Right now I am thinking of getting a box on my cats birthdays, Christmas, and other special days! It will not break the bank and it will even be a surprise for me what they get! To get $5 off your first months box visit Pet Flow and use code: SRB9

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