Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review: Sweepstakes Millionaire by Johnathan Wyka-Warzecha

As you all know I am a sweepstakes fanatic. I enter sweepstakes as a part time job (usually around 10-15 hours a week) and I win between 12-25 sweepstakes each month. If I had more time I am sure I would win much more, however I am happy that I win so much as it is! 

Just like any job you have to keep up with your research and there are always things that you can learn from others in your profession. Hence why I was super excited to read Sweepstakes Millionaire by Johnathan Wyka-Warzecha. Not only did the book have some great tips on how to win sweepstakes and contests (such as when to enter, how often to enter, and what types of sweepstakes will give you the best odds) but the book also showcased stories from those who have won much more than I have. There was this one sweeper featured in the book who has won more than 200 vacations in his lifetime. He does not enter many sweepstakes for smaller items (like books and dvds) since his main focus is to win vacations. I, however, need to get small wins also in order to stay motivated!

If you are just beginning entering sweepstakes or have been entering for the past 15 years like I have (I won my first sweepstakes when I was 10- a Kathy Ireland DVD from a drawing in my local Walmart Store-mom was happy) I recommend reading this book if you are interested in learning more about Sweepstakes. I mean who knew that there were so many sweepstakes conventions!? This book kept my attention the whole time and taught me much more than I thought it would!

My main goal with sweepstakes though is (as the cover of the book says) To Win A Life of Luxury through Sweepstakes. I believe it will happen, so it will happen. I am still waiting for my first trip win though. 

Right now you can purchase the book on Amazon for $17.96 (and free shipping with prime or for qualified orders of $35 or more)! Also, check out the Sweepstakes Ninja website for more info on Sweepstakes and for Sweepstakes listings!

If you have any questions about sweepstakes or want to share with me what you have won recently please leave comments below. Also, at the beginning of every month I post a list of what I won in the previous month.

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