Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 2013 Birchbox

View my Unboxing Video and then come back and read my post :)

This was not a terrible box, but I was expecting a bit more. The samples are not bad in size, they are just not very 'exciting' so to speak. Also, this box seems a little empty.

Inside the box is:

1.) Harvey Prince Skinny Chic Perfume Sample. I have not received a perfume sample in my box for the last couple months, and honestly I was okay with that. Perfume samples are just too small for anyone to be that excited about them. They could be replaced with a much more useful item. This one does not smell so bad though. It is a little flowery and has a spray top. Full size, $21-55

2.) Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel Serum. This tiny sample, above the perfume sample, is supposed to be used once a day to give you longer, thicker lashes. I just do not feel comfortable trying to "grow" my lashes, besides I think they are fine in length and thickness, therefore I would not use a product like this.  Full size, $69.99

3.) Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo. Great sized shampoo sample! It's even larger than most travel size shampoos you can buy! This is a product I do like to see in my boxes. The bottle looks like a product testing bottle though. Full Size, $32

4.) theBalm Cosmetics Hot Mama. I figured out that this is a blush and highlighter. I will def use this and am happy to see this in my box! Full Size, $20

5.) The Beauty Extra is Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. These are the two foil packets. Foil packets are not 'deluxe samples' in my opinion but none the less I will use the face cream. Honestly though the cream smells like pickles. Full Size, $42

So not my favorite box but not every box can be. More skincare items than cosmetics items and maybe they did away with the lifestyle extras? I only seem to get "Beauty Extras" now. 

Is this box worth $10: All of the items are really expensive as full size products so yes the little sizes would add up to over $10.
Is this box worth my $10: No. I would prefer not to have the perfume and Lashem items in my box. Therefore 3/5 items is not worth my $10 in my opinion. 

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own and I was not asked, nor do I get compensation, to review the box or these items.

If you would like to sign up for the Beauty Box yourself, here is the link:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Morningstar Giveaway

Want to win a package of Morningstar Veggie Food Products? Enter now to receive a coupon for a FREE box! I obtained this coupon from a coupon haul and will not be needing it since I will actually be getting my own free Morningstar Veggie Product from BzzAgent very soon! Once I get the product and try it, I will post a review for it!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*There must be at least 10 different people that enter the contest or the giveaway is void. So spread the word! The more people who enter each giveaway, the more giveaways I will be able to host!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review: Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal

I got these Quaker Real Medley's Oatmeal Cups for real cheap at Shaw's during one of their sales (it cost me about $.30 per cup with the coupon I had). I also received a cup from Influenster to try out! 

These cups are amazing. Personally, I do not like the Cherry and Pistachio flavor, because I do not like Cherries and Pistachios, but all the others are so good with the Summer Berry being my favorite!

Look out for coupons to try these out! In both the January and February issues of All You there are coupons for $1 off any 2 Quaker products. You can use these coupons on these cups and if the cups are on sale then score! I do not think it will work out to free, but they will be pretty cheap! The coupons I had previously that got me these for almost free were .50/1 which doubled to $1 off 1 and Shaws also had a promotion where if you buy 2 of these cups you get another item for free!

Anyways, I sincerely thank Influenster and Quaker for sending me one to test because I would never had known about these little babies if they did not run such promotions on these!

As always, I highly recommend every to sign up at You get free products in return for your participation and the products are always amazing!