Friday, July 20, 2012

How to get the most from Online Rewards sites.

Nowadays almost every company and website has a rewards program. There are many out there for stores but this post will only feature online rewards.

1.) This is a very well known rewards site. On Ebates you can get money back from making a purchase from websites you might already shop at. You just need to make sure that you are clicking on the website address from the Ebates website in order for Ebates to track the purchase and to reward you. When I signed up it was suggested that you only get paid once you meet a $10 rewards balance, however, on multiple occasions I have had money go into my Paypal account that has been less than $10.

2.) Recyclebank. You can complete tasks and make purchases that are eco-friendly in order to gain points on the site. You can redeem points for gift cards and coupons. I am a cat owner and there were some good Friskies coupons on the site at one point for the Tasty Treasures cans but I have not seen coupons as good as this since. I still use the site, but it does take a while to accumulate points and I may never see the day where I can cash out for a gift card (you need 2500 points for these). I would suggest joining and racking up points when they send out their E-Newsletter, but I would not spend more time on this site and have less time on other sites.

3.) MyCokeRewards. MyCokeReards is one of my favorite rewards sites. If you drink a lot of Coke Products (this includes Nestea and Powerade) than you are likely to have points on the box flaps or underneath the bottle cap. I bought a 12 pack of Nestea Red Tea and a 12 Pack of regular Nestea. Only the regular Nestea had a code for points, which was disappointing. Every bottle cap is worth 3 points and each 12 pack flap is worth 10 points. You do not need many points to redeem. A lot of the best rewards are between 3-300 points. You can redeem for yearly subscriptions to magazines (often 100-300 points) and also for free product coupons (less than 100 points). Each Wednesday they have a special deal which means that one item is extremely discounted so you can get it for less points.

I am not a member of swagbucks so I can not review it fairly. If anyone wants to do a guest post on swagbucks or any other Online rewards program feel free to email me. Your post may have any publicity information about your blog as you would like as long as  it comes after your review on the rewards program.