Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream

I recently tried out the Body Merry Cellulite Defense Gel Cream. I was a little iffy about trying it at first just because I do not have a problem with Cellulite yet. However, I have had these bumps under my thighs for about a year now. I left that area alone and did not shave it for about 2 weeks thinking that was the problem, but it was not.

When I first applied this gel I was in shock. It was such an Icy Hot feeling. I thought I put too much on but that feeling was still there even the next time when I used half the amount. At first, the Icy Hot freaked me out but once I got used to it it did not bother me as much.

In fact, now it does not bother me at all because I am in love with this product. It does not make my bumps disappear completely but it smooths out my skin and makes the bumps go away for about a week or two. I have found that I personally only have to use this product once a week for my condition, however you may need to use it more often or even daily.

I am happy that I have finally found a semi-permanent solution to my problem. It is semi-permanent in the way that as long as I apply this as soon as the bumps reappear then I will have another week free from bumps!

The product is made from a caffeine, retinol, and sea-weed formula. The cream contains natural ingredients such as algae extract, coconut oil, kelp, Japanese green tea leaf extract, cayenne, and 100% natural mint green tea lime fragrance. As with all their products they are free from parabans, sulfates, and phthalates.

You can purchase this product on Amazon right now for $19.99 with free prime shipping.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Make an extra $100+ a year on my new favorite survey site!

I have been doing surveys for years and there are only a select few sites that I stay with along the way. Recently within the last few months I signed up for a new site called MintVine.

MintVine is not the most profitable site that I have and can make money through surveys on but it is the easiest one. You can cash out once you reach 1,000 points which equals $10. So far I have been able to make $10 every month and a half with only doing somewhat bare minimum. No this extra $100 a year will not make you rich but it will sure help out when the Holidays come about!

The easiest way to earn points is to take their daily poll in which you earn 5-10 points depending on the day. They also send out anywhere between 10-30 emails a week (from what I have seen) and you know if you qualify after the first couple questions. If you do not qualify you instantly get 5 points just for trying, and if you do qualify you get anywhere from 100-400 points for taking a survey that will take less than a half hour. You already get 300 points for just signing up and filling out your profile!

You can also make points through offers and referrals but like I have said I have been doing close to bare minimum so I have not capitalized on these. However, I am sure that people who do can make upwards of $300 a year.

If you guys do decide to sign up please sign up by clicking "HERE" so that I can see what the referral program is all about and then update this post for others! And Yes, when I sign up for sites I always click on a referral link. Why not? Either a person gets the money or the company keeps it. Your choice :) 
If you have any other additional questions about the site feel free to let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

This is a legit site in which I personally have been paid. You can choose the payment options of Paypal, Amazon Gift Card, or Dwolla.

Review: Ozeri 8" Green Earth Frying Pan

I recently was sent the 8" Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri! I was in the market for a new pan to make an omelette with and this one is perfect! It's size is perfect so that the egg is thick enough without spreading too thin and I love the pan is 100% PTFE and PFOA Free! It is scary to read about the harmful chemicals in all of our products these days and I love companies who try and not include these chemicals in their products.

It was super easy to clean too which is usually the reason why I do not make any type of food with eggs as often as I would like. It was easy for me to remove the extra egg from the pan without scratching the surface at all.

So far I have used the pan several times and the size is perfect for someone like me who often cooks small meals just for themselves.

If you have any questions about the pan feel free to let me know. This pan also comes in 10" and 12" sizes in case you are one who cooks larger meals.

If you would like to purchase the pan on Amazon you can grab it for $24 with free prime shipping. The 10" and the 12" pans are a bit more expensive.

This product was sent to me from Ozeri for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this post.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Birchbox Review & Unboxing!

View my Unboxing Video and then come back and read my post :)

Overall thoughts: I give this box a rating of 2/5. This has been my least favorite box in the 2+ years that I have been subscribed. I would have given it a 3/5 but Birchbox lost a point after I saw what others actually received in their boxes. I am very disappointed in mine and definitely got the runt of the boxes this month. The only thing I am stoked about was the sample that I chose.

Inside the box is:

1.) Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum | The serum felt nice, smelled pretty good, but only lasted 2 uses and therefore I do not know what it actually did for me. Unfortunately, because this item was so expensive I think this is the item that counted for the majority of my box.  Full size, $79

2.)  Dear Clark Resurrecting Wash | I have not tried this shampoo yet. I will try it but it is like a woody scent that I would not have chose for myself. Sample size is okay but still not as large as the shampoos they sometimes send are. Full size, $24

3.) Dear Clark Resurrecting Rinse | Even though it is called a Rinse this is a Conditioner. It was sent along with the shampoo. Like I said I will use it but I wish it did not count as a whole separate item from the shampoo. Full Size, 24

4.)  Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit | I picked this as my sample choice because it was the best item offered. I did really like this when I have gotten in the past so I am of course happy I got this. It is a Birchbox Exclusive but makes your skin feel super clean and smooth! Full Size, $24.50

5.)  Smashbox Cosmetics Be legendary Lip Lacquer in Coral | I have so many lip products that I will not use this for a while. My second favorite item in the box but it is on the small side. Full Size, $20

Overall Birchbox Side Note: I still love their sample choice but for Octobers box there were 3 lip product options and 1 eyeliner option. I do not need Lip Products or Eyeliners like AT ALL at the moment. I chose one of my lip products anyway but wish they would have mixed it up a bit more!

Is this box worth $10: Probably yes just because the full size Caudalie is SO expensive that my tiny weeny sample is probably worth the cost of the box.
Is this box worth my $10: No. I would have not paid $10 for this box. I would have been sad missing out on the Liz Earle but I KNEW I was getting that. All my SURPRISE samples were just kind of did not do it for me this month. If they had thrown in a lifestyle extra or a 6th item I probably would have been a lot happier!

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own and I was not asked, nor do I get compensation, to review the box or these items.

If you would like to sign up for the Beauty Box yourself, here is the link:

Review: MY Konjac Sponge

For those of you who have not heard of MY Konjac Sponge it is a face sponge that is made from Konjac fiber which is retrieved from the root of the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. The root of the plant is known for its minerals and vitamins and has been used for a very long time in Eastern Asia as part of their beauty routines.

MY Knojac sponge products are never tested on animals and carry both the Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny logos. The sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable. You can use the sponge with or without cleanser though my face obviously felt the cleanest when using it with a cleanser. You can save a lot of money on cleansers since you only need a fraction of what you would normally use since the sponge makes the facial cleansers lather better than if you were using your hands or a face cloth.

My skin has appeared much brighter and I am getting fewer pimples from using this sponge. The sponge deep cleanses better than when I was using my hands and gets into the nooks and cranny's (like around your nose) that I may otherwise miss. The sponge is reusable, just rinse and squeeze the moisture out after each use (do not ring it out as it may damage the sponge) and lay flat or hang to dry. It is recommended you replace the sponge every couple months.

Right now you can get the My Knojac Sponge on Amazon for $10 with free prime shipping! If you prefer shopping at a brick and mortar store you can also purchase the sponge at Whole Foods!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014 Popsugar Must Have Box Review & Unboxing!

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box which costs $39.99 per month, BUT all the products you get are full size and the boxes are always worth more than $100! If you love getting surprises than this box is for you!

The items in the box:

1.) Tilo Scarves Modal Gradation Scarf in Raisin : This is such a cute scarf. It is lightweight and perfect for fall and will match with a lot of my outfits! The one I received had a stain on it so I am waiting for a new one to be shipped to me at the moment so I have not been able to wear it yet but I am dying to! This scarf is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal, and Ron Herman. Value: $125

2.) Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds: Love, Love, Love these. They are dark blue but also chic looking. They come with three removable ear pieces that are in different sizes so I found that to be cool! Value: $20

3.) Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray: I hardly ever use hairspray so I will be giving this away.  $21.50

4.) Letter C Design Gold Foil Arrow Pencils: Not too excited to be getting pencils in my box. They are black and have a nice gold arrow on them but will I ever use them is the question. I have always been a pen person myself. $5

5.) Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set: While this would have been cool for me ten years ago I never write letters or notes these days. I MAYBE write one a year (and that's pushing it!) so for me to hold on to these is just a waste of space when I have so little space as it is. I will either sell them or give them away. $18

6.) Urban Remedy Almost Brownie: This is a 100% Organic Brownie. This one is okay. It is not terrible tasting so I will eat it but I do not really get a craving for it either. Also they are really overpriced! $6

7.) Nike $20 Gift Card -  FINALLY they send an actual gift card. This card IS worth $20 (no minimum purchase) and ALSO comes with a free shipping code. I have not ordered anything yet but obviously I will not waste it ;).

7.) Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond Minis -  These are really good! I love getting bags of chocolate in the boxes! Also these are a little healthier since they have Sea Salt and Almonds but are not an organic gross tasting food so I like them! Sometimes I just feel like Popsugar includes a lot of healthier but gross tasting snacks! $4

Not in my top 5 favorites but definitely a GREAT box! Even though I will not use half of the items (sad but true) I will use ALL of the big ticket items in the box so the box was still well worth my money! Also, this box is a MUCH higher value than they have been in a while! It is funny because the scarf alone costs the exact amount ($125) as the total cost of all the items in August's Box did!

Total value of the box: $219.50

To sign up go here:

Review: Adovia Natural Sulfur Soap

If you have ever suffered with Acne, Blackheads, or oily skin than you should try out the Adovia Natural Sulfur Soap which is made for people who suffer from these ailments. This soap is not recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin though Adovia does make other products for your skin type.

This soap is enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea and other ingredients include Olive Oil and Aloe Vera extract. The sulfur ingredient has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.

This soap can be used on both your face and your body. I only suffer from pimples on the face but I did see some results from using the soap on my face. It made me less prone to breakouts which makes me a lot happier! I do not suffer from any body acne and I have more of a normal skin type so I did not see any real results on my skin but the soap did lather well, it smelled good, and it made me feel nice and clean. Also, my skin felt less dry after I took a shower than other soaps which can strip your natural body oils!

Right now you can purchase the soap on Amazon for $10 (which includes prime shipping). This price may seem expensive for soap but if you are using this on your face in place of a facial cleanser than the price is right.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.