Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BA Star Stardust Review

BA Star was kind enough to send me their Diamond Star Dust and Body Shimmer Base to review. Their Star Dust products only cost $8.75 each and come in a variety of colors.  

The Products can be used for dance recitals and cheer competitions or for any dress up needs such as Halloween or parties. I personally liked using the Diamond Star Dust as a brow highlighter, it worked perfectly in making my eyes brighter.

The Body Shimmer Base did a great job at keeping the Star Dust to stay on when I used it on my hands and on my cheeks. However, I was not too active when wearing it so it would be interesting to see if you were sweaty if the same results would occur.

Other than the Diamond color, I would also love to try the Deep Plum Star Dust and the Bronze Star Dust. I prefer the Shimmer shades over the solid shades.

Thanks again to BA Star for letting me review their products!

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