Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2013 Popsugar Must Have Box Review & Unboxing

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box which costs $39.99 per month, BUT all the products you get are full size and the boxes are always worth more than $100! If you love getting surprises than this box is for you!.

The items in the box:

1.) Lulu Frost for Popsugar Bracelet: Not a terrible looking bracelet, but it looks a lot cheaper than what it is worth! I would have rather received a cheaper bracelet with a few extra items instead of this bracelet with lesser items.  Value: $110

2.) Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set: This is not an item I expect to find in a must have box. I may use it to wrap some gifts (not sure since I have most of them wrapped already) but honestly not excited for it. Value: $9

3.) Modelco Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara: Even though I already have enough mascara to last me for years this is one of the better items in the box so I can not complain about it. $20

4.) Govino Go Anywhere Flutes: Seriously hate this item. I will not use it, and I probably will not even gift it. We just got an ugly wine tote last month and now we get ugly glasses. This is just not a must have or want item for me. $12.95

5.) CC Made Caramel Corn: Loving this! It is so good! Yum! $4

6.) NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps: I hate these nail stick ons. They never work for me. They always fall off with my first shower. I will throw it in with someones Christmas present but it will not do them much good either since the Holidays will be over by then. $16

7.) 2 Bags of Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate: A lot of people are hating on this, but I wanted to try the Holiday chocolates anyway. My favorite item in the box, sad but true. $8

I am just not a fan of this box. I did have high hopes for it. During the summer/fall Popsugar had some great boxes. Then the price went up and the boxes have gone downhill from there. I was hoping that this box would be filled since it is the holidays but no it was not filled and it looked pretty much empty. At least it did not include one of those "Gift Cards" 

 Total value of the box: $179.95  This box is the highest in value I have ever received (or at least one of the highest). However, that is mainly due to the bracelet. I would have been much happier if they would have included one or two more items. The bracelet, mascara, and food products were great products. But the wrapping paper, flute glasses, and nail wraps totally ruined the box for me. 

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  1. 1. It does look pretty cheap. Looks more attractive on a silver necklace chain. ;) If you don't gift or trade it, you can try that adjustment too.

    2. I would have gifted the holiday set if it weren't holiday-themed. Since it's holiday themed, the recipient would've had to wait until next year to use it. It looks all right, but feels more inexpensive than what it's worth.

    3. A decent mascara. I'm gifting it to my mother-in-law.

    4. I think the glasses look beautiful but the box doesn't. Haha. I'm gifting it to a friend who enjoys entertaining guests.

    5. Gifting this to a friend who's a big fan of gourmet food.

    6. I'm totally keeping these. I have never used nail wraps (and they're pricey at CVS) but would love to try.

    7. Eh. I get Ghirardellis for myself from the drugstore as mini-treats throughout the year. Delicious and pretty, but common.

  2. On an eco-friendly note: I do appreciate that the popcorn is organic, and the glasses are recyclable.

  3. I do not mind gifting stuff. I usually gift 1 to 2 items out of each box, but this box I can not even gift anything. I have no one to really give those glasses to (so I will just throw it in with someones gift but they probably wont use them) same with the nail wraps (they are christmas themed so the person will have to wait until next year to use them unless they find another reason to wear them). As for the wrapping paper I get what you are saying, and I am a terrible wrapper so if I do end up using it it the gifts will not look good anyway haha.

    Hopefully they pick back up next month. The value is there for the box, but not much excitement.

    I am going to try and wear the bracelet any way since that was a major part of the box. Thanks for the tips!