Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 2017 PetGiftBox Review & [COUPON CODE]!!

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for, you guessed it, your pet! They offer a cat box (which is the one I am reviewing) and they also offer a dog box (which has 3 selections based on the size of your dog). The boxes cost $25 per month. You can also purchase a one time box if you would like to send one as a gift. Like other boxes, PetGiftBox does have a rewards program where you can earn points for free products and boxes. Also, every purchase helps feed 10 rescue pets!

Each box contains between 4 and 6 items that are hand picked by the PetGiftBox team. The items in the box can include treats, toys, and other home items.

My cats love getting these boxes! It is a nice treat for them to get some new toys and goodies! 

If you want to get your own box for your pet you can use the coupon code 'codyandkaci' at checkout to get 50% off your first box! To sign up or find out more info visit

The items in the box:

This months theme: Get the Ball Rolling

1.) Catnip Garden Kitty Sprinkles Catnip Dispensing Toy:The cats like this when they are doing their crazies in the middle of the night. Watch out though, the cat nip sprinkles out of this toy and goes everywhere! So put in in an easy to sweep/vacuum room of the house.  $4.49

2.) Kitty Teeter Feeder: This is a product I definitely wanted the cats to try in order to have them "work" for their meal. Of course it did not go as planned. They will eat the kibble out of it if it is in the center, but will not work to get it out from around the edges. Hopefully one day I can get them interested in this as feeders like these are recommended to control cats weight.  $4.47

3.) Petstages Kitty Chew Wheel: My cats like to chew on this toy. It is a good toy for dental health so I try to get them interested in it as much as possible. $3.99

4.) Spot Lattice Balls: These are colorful plastic balls that make noise. This is the most used item from this box as Luke is obsessed with these balls and plays with them on a daily basis. We love getting ball toys! $1.72

Total Value: $14.67 The box value is a lot less than the cost of the box and much lower value than the box usually is. All of these prices are estimated though and the box probably could be worth a bit more since a lot of the toys were on a current sale. No treats in this months box so if those were included the price would be a little bit higher. Still overall a great box considering that all of the items are actually getting used around here. Plus you have to factor in shipping for these items since these are online prices (prices were not included on the info card this month). 

PetGiftBox supports America's Vet Dogs which is a non-profit organization that provides guide dogs for disabled veterans. These dogs also help PTSD patients at VA Hospitals. It is great to see a company that is helping the community.

To sign up go here: and do not forget to use coupon code "codyandkaci" to get 50% off your first box. (This code is now also good for also) 

PetGiftBox sent me a complimentary box for review. All opinions are my own and I do not recommend any products or services that I would not use myself. No other compensation was received.

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