Saturday, June 22, 2013

Litter Genie Review

I won a Litter Genie from a Petsmart Sweepstakes a while back and have been using it since, well until now when I just threw it in the trash.

The litter genie was convenient in the fact that if you see your cat use the bathroom you can scoop it up right away and put it in the genie. However, if you are not to do that anyway than I see no point in you having one. If you now scoop the litter once a day and put it out in the trash than there is really no need for this other than the fact that you can put it right beside the box and therefore I see it as another way for me to be lazy.

On the instructions that came with the litter genie it says "If you have 1 cat, the refill should last up to 2 months. You'll know it's ready to be replaced when you see the black line on the film." Well I have two cats and the thought of having pooped stored in a box inside of my house for a month kind of disturbed me, but I tried the product out anyway. What pushed me over the edge though was I never saw a "black line" appear and therefore did not know when to empty out the bin. When I opened the up the box to take out the bag the poop spilled out of the bag into the box and some onto the floor. EW! This is the reason I just threw the whole thing out, because I did not want to clean it since it disgusted me so much! 

For me, I do not think I will  try a product like this again, and if I do I will make sure to check to see if it needs to be changed by my own judgement. If you want to try this make sure that if you have one cat (do not wait 2 months to change it like the instructions said and do not wait for the black line to appear!) and if you have two cats I honestly would change it once every couple weeks. In this case, as long as your trash pickups in your area are often I do not see a need for some to have this since the cost of up keeping this by buying the replacement bags and then buying litter bags on top of it is a little much.

Have you tried this product and love it? Do you also hate it? Leave any opinions below. Also, leave any questions you may have below.

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own. This product does not serve a benefit for me and may or may not work for you. I was not compensated in any way to write this post. 

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