Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

I know that Tampons are usually an item that you find a brand and type you like and stick with it. Influenster just sent me a box of the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance though and I have to say that I may be switching it up. 

With the regular absorbency ones that I tried you can not even feel they are there. They have proven to be super absorbent and are easy to slide in and out. I have had a problem in the past by the U by Kotex Tampons that do not seem to come out of the applicator. I can not even begin to count how many I have just thrown away (not used) because of this. 

I personally usually use Tampax Pearl but since these are just as good I will probably start switching off between which one is the cheapest (on sale or with a coupon). 

Update: So far I have already finished off one box, and have a second one that I am using at the moment. I still love them and will continue to use them along with Tampax pearl! If you are not specific to one particular brand I suggest picking up a pack of these! #PlayOn

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