Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bloominous: Do It Yourself Flowers!

Weddings and parties can be expensive and with how bad the economy is today it is good to have options in order to save money for your event! 

Bloominous is a Do It Yourself Flower Company that allows you to both save money and have fun with your friends setting up your flower displays. These are real flowers (not fake) and their flowers come straight from a farm and are air shipped to you so they remain fresh! Their flowers come cut to order, dethorned, and trimmed and all kits come with photo instructions and all the accessories you need so that no piece takes you more than 20 minutes to assemble! Care products to keep the flowers looking their best are also included.
Photo Credit: Gilt City

They have five different easy to use floral sets. Click on the links to be brought to beautiful photos of each set:

They also offer free shipping on all orders that are over $99 and offer free shipping for all of their trial kits! You will be saving anywhere from 30% to 50% if you use Bloominious over hiring a floral designer. Plus, the founders of Bloominious have over 10 years experience in the event and floral design so you can always expect great designs and high quality products.

Save some time, save some money, and have some fun by trying Bloominous for your next event!

This is a paid post. I did not receive any samples for review. My opinions are based on others reviews and photos alone. 

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