Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Product Review: PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat

The past week I have been using the PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat. I was intrigued by this product since I am the type of person that is always flipping the pillow over to the cooler side! This Mat helps regulate body temperature and helps you have a more peaceful sleep!

You can use this Pillow Mat by either putting it on top of your pillow or by putting it inside of your pillow. I found the latter to be more comfortable. The Pillow Mat did not move much while I was sleeping but if needed they do include straps which will help keep the Mat from slipping out of place.

The Pillow Mat stayed cool enough on most nights that I did need to "prepare" it. However, on days when I knew it was going to be scorching at night I did put the Mat in the fridge just so it was a little cooler! 

Overall I am very impressed with this product. I have not had any issues with it being uncomfortable or slipping and have found myself waking up less because of the heat.

You can purchase this iso cool pillow on Amazon for $29.97. They also have a 30 day return policy if the product is just not for you.

This product was sent to me complimentary for review however all opinions are my own.

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