Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review: Resource Spring Water

I got a bottle of Resoruce Spring Water in the Moda VoxBox from Influenster and in case you are wondering how it tastes awesome!

I usually drink unfiltered tap water for economical reasons. I have tried the Brita filter but I just hated the soot taste and even after using it multiple times I always ended up with the soot at the bottom of my glass, gross!  I do buy Poland Springs water from time to time but the extra cost just does not seem worth it when I have to lug in it from the parking lot and then up a flight of stairs. 

Not only does Resource taste good but it is also better for you than traditional water. Resource adds in electrolytes which actually makes it taste better. Also, all of their bottles are made with 50% recycled bottle material. The water comes from natural springs in California and Pennsylvania. 

Whats even better? They deliver it to your door! No more going to the grocery store and then hauling it inside (let the UPS guy do that!)

Check out their site and you get your choice of $8.99 for your first order (if you choose auto delivery) or $14.39 (if you prefer to order it on your own terms).

If you would rather go out and buy the water in store Resource is available at most grocery stores, natural food stores, and pharmacies. 

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