Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Make an extra $100+ a year on my new favorite survey site!

I have been doing surveys for years and there are only a select few sites that I stay with along the way. Recently within the last few months I signed up for a new site called MintVine.

MintVine is not the most profitable site that I have and can make money through surveys on but it is the easiest one. You can cash out once you reach 1,000 points which equals $10. So far I have been able to make $10 every month and a half with only doing somewhat bare minimum. No this extra $100 a year will not make you rich but it will sure help out when the Holidays come around.

The easiest way to earn points is to take their daily poll in which you earn 5-10 points depending on the day. They also send out anywhere between 10-30 emails a week (from what I have seen) and you know if you qualify after the first couple questions. If you do not qualify you instantly get 5 points just for trying, and if you do qualify you get anywhere from 40-400 points for taking a survey that will take less than a half hour, with most being around 10 minutes. You already get 300 points for just signing up and filling out your profile! Most of the points (including points from referrals) are in a pending state for about 2 weeks just until they verify that the surveys were taken seriously.

You can also make points through offers and referrals but like I have said I have been doing close to bare minimum so I have not capitalized on these. However, I am sure that people who do can make upwards of $300 a year.

If you guys do decide to sign up please sign up by clicking "HERE" so that I can see what the referral program is all about and then update this post for others! And Yes, when I sign up for sites I always click on a referral link. Why not? Either a person gets the money or the company keeps it. Your choice :) 
If you have any other additional questions about the site feel free to let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

REFERRAL UPDATE: Once a person signs up under your link you get 50 points. You can also make 15% of the points they make from surveys. You ONLY get 15% from surveys (included the funnels) that they complete. You do NOT get money from their offers (such as groupons), they daily polls, or the surveys that they screen out of.

This is a legit site in which I personally have been paid. You can choose the payment options of Paypal, Amazon Gift Card, or Dwolla.


  1. I used to be big on survey sites like this, but unfortunately since I work in marketing I test out of most of them now.

    1. I always see that they ask you if you work in a few different fields and it is always the same ones on every site. It is funny how they screen people that way. I can understand that they do not want people who work in Market Research but I also always see Marketing, Education, and Banking on there as well.