Thursday, October 3, 2013

Skinactives Acne Line Review

At Skin Actives you are able to make a profile on their website which helps you customize your skin care line. Everyone has different needs so one product that may work well for you may not work well for someone else. Skin Actives allows you to " Choose from over one hundred actives and take advantage of our incredible knowledge base.".

I have been using the Salicylic Wash along with the Vitamin A Cream and the Zit Ender spot treatment gel. After a month of use, my face looks so much better. Of course I am still getting the occasional zit, but the Zit Ender zaps that in half over night.

My favorite product has been the Vitamin A Cream. This not only reduced the amount of pimples that I have but it also brightened up my skin. The line made my skin look healthier overall.

I will definitely be using products from Skin Actives down the road and I recommend you check out their site if you are having skincare problems. They really do have products for everyone.

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