Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My September 2013 Wins!

September 2013

1.) Book- Blood & Roses (ARV-$14.95)
2.) Book- Libriomancer(ARV-$7.99) 
3.) Tammy Trent sunnday Days CD (ARV-$16) 
4.) $25 VISA Gift Card (ARV-$25)  
5.) Nokia Lumina 928 Windows Phone (ARV-$500) 
6.) Book- The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1 (ARV-$16.99) 
7.) Book- Two Boys Kissing (ARV-$12.18) 
8.) Book- Broodx and Broodx TShirt (ARV-$15) 
9.) Book- Leading the Starbucks Way (ARV-$17)
10.) $5 Amazon Gift Card (ARV-$5)
11.) Book- Chicken Soup: Readers Choice (ARV-$13.46)
12.) $5 Amazon Gift Card (ARV-$5)

Total Value: $648.57

2013 Total So far: $2,632.64


  1. Nice. How did you win the phone?

    1. I won that from a Sweepstakes Microsoft was having. Most of the sweepstakes I enter are listed on online-sweepstakes.com but I also enter the ones from the email newsletters that companies send out.