Monday, July 13, 2015

Product Review: Pest Sentry Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

This is the first bug zapper I have ever tried so I was excited to see how it would work. I have used candles and sprays to keep the bugs away but never an actual zapper.

I was very impressed that this zapper lit up very well! The light came out on all sides of the unit really drawing the bugs into the unit (and away from me!). The zapper is pretty loud though so it does scare my cats. Therefore I am only going to use this outside and not actually have it indoors.

There is a removable tray making it easy to dispose of the dead bugs and it comes with a hanging unit if you would like to hang it up. I personally just sat it on the ground. 

The only huge turnoff for me was the cord was pretty short so an extension cord was absolutely necessary for me.

You can purchase this bug zapper on Amazon for $59.97 with free shipping! They also have a 30 day return policy if you are not happy with the product.

This product was sent to me complimentary for review however all opinions are my own.

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