Monday, March 10, 2014

March 2014 Popsugar Must Have Box Review & Unboxing

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box which costs $39.99 per month, BUT all the products you get are full size and the boxes are always worth more than $100! If you love getting surprises than this box is for you!.

The items in the box:

1.) Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf:Though I am still loving my scarf that we received in the November box, this is a nice color for the upcoming spring season. I am very happy with this item. Value: $72

2.) Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum: We did just receive a serum in the last box. Luckily I love getting skincare products in these boxes so I am not complaining (though I may if they decide to have a serum a third month in a row, lol) Value: $27

3.) Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make a Wish Necklace: This I could honestly go without. The idea of this is that you are supposed to make a wish and wear the necklace until it wears off. I do not like to ruin my stuff so I would hate for this to wear off or fall off (whatever it is supposed to do). Just not a must have for me. Not crazy about how small the horseshoe is either. $30

4.) Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree: This is so so cute. The only reason I am not super excited for this is that I already have a ring tree (and how many do you really need!) Even so this is still a great item to include in a box like this. $12

5.) Activeforever Fusion Exercise Ball: I may try this out. I may not since I do the Insanity workout and it does not require an exercise ball. The only reason I will hate on this item is that it only came in a clear plastic baggie. If at least came in some real packaging I could have sold it or given it away as a gift. $9.95

6.) Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps: Despite what I said about these in my unboxing video I actually really enjoyed these. At first they are kind of blah but then you start to taste the salt and they become addicting.  $2

6.) Nature Bakery All Natural Strawberry Fig Bars: I have not tried this yet. I hope it is eatable though. Even though I liked the Snap Peas I still wish they would have included a less healthier snack instead of two healthy ones, just for taste purposes. 

This box was extremely light (only weighing 1.8lbs compared to the 3 or 4lbs that the boxes usually are). I must say that this is probably my least favorite box ever in terms of excitement (not in terms of quality). None of these items (other than the scarf) screamed MUST HAVE to me. It is funny because the last years March box was kind of the same with products I would not use either. A lot of people enjoyed this box though and I feel that Popsugar is really trying to add pretty diverse items in the box so this box is not a deal breaker for me and I will try and enjoy as many of the products as possible while I wait for next months box to arrive. Also, the item count and the value of the box are on par with what one of these boxes should be. 

Total value of the box: $154.45 

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