Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection Review

I signed up through BzzAgent to test out the new Glade Expressions Collection and review the products. The   Fragrance mist (pictured left) retailed for about $4. I found it at CVS and they only had one scent (the Cotton & Italian Manderine). I am sure I could have found other options at another store, but CVS is usually my go to store. I am happy with the scent though. It looks like an upscale bathroom spray, but it does not smell at all like a bathroom spray. The spray eliminates odors rather quickly. I live in a small apartment with two cats so this spray definitely comes in handy! 

As for the Oil Diffuser (pictured right) I had to go to FOUR stores just to find this product! I went to CVS, Walgreens, Shaws, and finally Target where I found it! I was not very happy about not finding the product very easy. Also, what was more of a bummer was when I found this item at target they only had one scent for this item ( the lavender and juniper berry). This product works very well and masks odors rather quickly. It is said to last 30 days. The product was on sale for target for $5.99. Another plus is that the diffuser blends in with furniture pretty well.

Want to get both items free? Both items are on promotion right now to get them free after rebate. Rebate Forms: Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist. However, it says on the rebate form that you must send in the sticker to get the rebate back! I found the stickers on SOME of the oil diffuser boxes at Target. Please be aware that the Rebate rules state that the sticker is a requirement, and that they may refuse to refund you if you do not send in the sticker. When filling out rebates please remember to read all of the requirements before sending it in. 

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