Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Rid of Clutter: In your Makeup Bags

Do you ever feel like you have too much stuff but never want to throw any of it out? Do you know you will never use a product or item again but feel the need to hang on to it because it has a memory associated with it--or just in case you may need it 10 years from now? If you answered both of these questions with a yes then you  are just like me.

I have decided to start a series of blog posts related to clutter. I eventually want to move out of this apartment into a nicer apartment and I do not want to move all of this stuff with me nor want my new place to look as cluttered as my current place does. Also, is it fair to make all my family and friends move my clutter? The clutter posts will happen once a in a while, usually when I have an idea and actually clear some clutter. The clutter series may go on for the life of a blog, as no one ever truly gets rid of all their clutter, but will not be the only posts that I write. Clutter will not take over my life, nor will it take over my blog!!

This first Clutter post is one that is fairly simple to do without too much guilt! I challenge all of you to clean out your makeup bags after you finish reading this post. I am sure most of you will find at least one item to toss.

In my makeup bags I found items that are over 5 years old but ranged from not opened to used all up. I feel bad about throwing hardly used makeup out because it did cost me money once upon a time, but I will most likely never use the product again. I decided to toss mostly low end brand items out (such as the marykate and ashley collection and calgon, haha). My reasoning behind this is quite simple: they are very old and the cheaper the item cost me to begin with the lower quality it was to begin with thus it probably contains more bacteria than the more expensive items. I do not know if the second statement is true or not, but it is my theory.

The pictures below are a some of the items I threw out on my spree. I also threw out other makeup items and quite a few calgon perfumes that are not pictured. I have to remind myself that being a sweeper (I have a part time job entering sweepstakes, on top of my full time job and school) that I will win many many beauty items in the future. Also, being subscribed to Birchbox will guarantee me new beauty products every month.

Readers Challenge: I challenge you to go through your makeup bags and throw out items that are more than four years old, that you have not used in over a couple years, look or smell old, are dried up, or may no longer be flattering colors. Any questions or comments please leave them below.

Step by step we will get through the clutter together. Do not get discouraged when throwing out little items (such as makeup) thinking that throwing out small items will not get rid of your clutter. A lot of small items may fit into one box, but it all adds up to one box you can throw away!!

For a step by step guide for organizing and decluttering makeup products check out this amazing article on One Pampered Life

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