Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clairol Nice N Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color Review.

Vocalpoint asked me to do a review of the Nice N Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color by Clairol. For me to review the product they sent me a FREE Product Coupon. I must say that when I brought the coupon to my local CVS I was not too happy with the selection. All the items were in stock, but there were very few hair color choices. There are some colors that I see on the website that were not available at my store. Basically I had to choose from a blonde, a golden brown, and a black. My hair color is naturally brown and I did not want to get too drastic with the blonde, nor wanted my color to be black.

I decided to choose the golden brown. The color did make my hair a golden color, and you can tell by the photos below that my hair is a lot less dull than before! The product was very easy to apply, which is great because I do not like to use beauty products that require to much work (that's what a salon is for!) I am happy with the results, but wish CVS would have offered up more choices. The product retailed for around $5, so I would recommend the product to anyone who wants to temporarily color their hair (it lasts up to 28 shampoos) and finds a color that they like.

Before                                       After 

Thanks again to the sponsors, Clairol and Vocalpoint, for allowing me to test and review this product. For more information on this product please visit:

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