Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Influenster e.l.f VoxBox Review

I recently received a box of goodies complimentary from Influenster to review. Take a look below to see what I got and my review on the products. If you want me to send you an invite so you can sign up and get free products yourself please leave your email in the comments section below.

1.) Hydrating Bubble Mask: $14 - The mask worked really well at making skin feel clean and moisturized. To dispense the product you push on the top of the container- less is more when doing this! I kept pushing because it seemed like so little was coming out but then a lot came out. I suggest using a little amount and then adding more if needed. I ended up wasting a bit but this was my first time using a dispenser like this. Also, flipping it over and pushing makes the product come out faster so that is up to you to decide to do it that way or upright. When using the product it begins to bubble almost immediately after applying. It feels weird like there are little bugs on your face (ew, bad analogy, but that is how I imagine it to feel) and it sounds like rice crispy treats lol. I loved the scent the mask gave off. When applying the mask it went on white but as it bubbled it turned clear and looked like it disappeared. When taking it off it was easy to remove it a quick go- it was not like other masks where it sort of spreads even more. Overall afterwards my face felt very clean and baby skin soft. I found this mask to work just as well as other masks that cost 4x the cost so this is my new go to.

2.) Mineral Infused Primer: $6 - I am in love with this primer. It is definitely one of my new favorite products. It is affordable and works like a high end primer. The primer is easy to pump out of the package and it is easy to blend to cover all areas needed. I can see a difference in both my makeup lasting all day and not rubbing off as well as my makeup not caking up at all. CVS had a really good extra buck deal on e.l.f products so I already picked up 2 of these.

3.) Lip Exfoliator: $3- This exfoliator worked great for my lips. It smelled minty and had a nice texture like sugar. It was easy to apply thanks to be in a lipstick form and it was easy to rub off after using. My lips were definitely softer and it helped improve the longevity of my lip color and also prevented that cracking look.

4.) Matte Lip Color: $3 - I received the wine shade and I thought it was the perfect color for this time of year. It was a true red wine (almost maroon) looking color. I used it after using the lip exfoliator and it stayed on even through drinking and eating. I was impressed with how well the product worked considering its low cost.

5.) Baked Highlighter & Bronzer: $4 - I am all about shortening my beauty routine, when possible, and this product helped. This product has a highlighter and bronzer in one package and you just swirl your blush brush with the two together and apply it. I liked the little bit of highlight that it gave me and how the bronzer made my cheek bones stick out a bit more.

I always knew of the e.l.f brand but it was never my go-to drugstore brand as I thought it was more of a cheaper brand for younger girls. After using these products I was proven wrong. These products perform just as well as any drugstore brand even though those products are double the price. I did not have a bad experience with any of the products but the hero of the box, for me, has to be the Primer as I was looking for an affordable primer. Paying $20 for a primer was not working for me anymore so I am glad that I found one that worked just as well for less than half the price.

If you have any further questions on any of the products listed above feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them. Once again, if you want to sign up for Influenster to get free boxes leave your email below and I will send you an invite. 

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