Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product Review: VIIcode Eye Mask

VIIcode recently sent me their VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask to try out. I have to say that I never used an eye mask like this before but I was very happy with the results.  

Six Treatments come in one box and you can use them 2-3 times a week. You leave the Eye pads on overnight (for up to 8 hours) and then peel them off when you wake up in the morning. The pads had a nice cool gel that adheres to your face so they do not move. I loved how the cool feeling made my eyes feel so refreshed instantly and was happy that the cool feeling lasted all night. I was a little nervous that these would move in my sleep since I change positions a lot but I not once had a problem with these moving out of place or falling off.

These masks provide your eye area with essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids. They help with tired eyes, dark circles and fine lines. I do not have any lines around my eyes yet so I can not comment on that aspect but after just a few uses my dark circles were barely visible and I looked much more awake and happy in the morning than I did before. 

This product is made in the USA and is NOT tested on animals. They are made from all natural ingredients to prevent premature aging. You can purchase a box of 6 treatments on Amazon for $65.00 with free prime shipping or visit their website for more information. You can also visit their website for more information about their products. 

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.  

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