Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan

Now that it is almost summer time the only thing I am thinking about is staying cool. I hate being hot, especially before I have to go to work. 

I recently was sent the Ozeri Brezza III Desk fan and am loving how cool it is keeping me. It not just keeps me cool but cools down almost the entire room. If you have a small room or office you do not even need an AC with this fan! It also does not make as much noise as my AC does so you do not need to turn it off when making a phone call! The fan moves both left and right or up and down or you could also just make it stand still if you want it aimed right at you. The fan also comes with a remote so you do not have to get up if you have the fan on the other side of the room. 

If you are need of a small room fan I highly suggest this one. Like all other Ozeri products that I personally have tried it is also very good looking! The only downer is it is larger than expected and actually does not fit on either of my two tiny desks. If you have a larger desk (or a table) to put it on then this would be good for you. 

Right now the fan is out of stock on Amazon, but normally it sells for $58.95 (with free shipping) though you can still order it now and they will ship it when it is back in stock and send you an email when doing so. 

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