Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Value of Winning

I have one conventional part-time job (working in retail) and another part time job that is unconventional. This unconventional job that I am referring to is sweeping. And no, I do not use a broom and dust pan.

Sweeping, or entering sweepstakes, has been a hobby of mine for the past  fifteen years or so. I won my first sweepstakes when I was 10 and ever since then I get so excited to win anything and everything. Now let's be clear that Sweepstakes are not the same as Contests. When entering sweepstakes you only need to enter your information (Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number) and in some cases complete small tasks (short answers, tweeting, etc). Entering contests actually takes some skill, time, and effort. Submitting poems and essays are common types of contest entries. I want to be clear and state that I do not enter contests, and that all of the prizes you see me post are from Sweepstakes.

I am going to be posting what I win each month at the beginning of every month. I will start by posting all wins from September 2012 and previously (I have recorded back to 2008) and will post October's wins at the beginning of November. I enter about an hour a day, six days a week so I obviously have potential to win more items but I am pretty happy with what I am winning at the moment. Sweepstakes has become a second job for me since I am winning items that I keep, sell, or give away as gifts. Either way I am either saving money or making money off of the items I win. Oh, and for the skeptics out there entering sweepstakes is safe (as long as you are entering legitimate ones, if Norton warns you not to go do a site, please listen to Norton) and I have also always received all of my prizes. 


January 2012
6 Packs of Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks (ARV-$12)
Coupon for a Free Suave Infusion Product (ARV-$5)
$50 Check (ARV-$50)
Book "Change your life" (ARV-$5.99)
Journey's Greatest Hits CD (ARV-$9.99)
Book-"The Beginners Guide to Chick Night" (ARV-$11)

February 2012
6 Packs of Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks (ARV-$12)
6 Packs of Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks (ARV-$12)
Chuck & Friends DVD (ARV-$11.99)

March 2012
Book-"The Naked Mom" (ARV-$12)
3 Boxes of Belevita Cookies, Tote & Mug (ARV-$15)
Chuggington DVD (ARV-$10)
The Mighty Macs DVD (ARV-$15)

April 2012
Looney Toons pepe le pew collection dvd (ARV-$15)
Dale & Thomas Easter Sampler (ARV-$20)
$55 Amazon GC (ARV-$55)
Book-"Gossip" (ARV-$17)
Angelina Ballerina DVD (ARV-$10)
Book-"Transforming your body image" (ARV-$14)
$25 Fandango GC + Mirror Mirror Book (ARV-$26)
Book-"Sweets on a stick" (ARV-$16.95)
Book-"The guardian Duke" (ARV-$8)
4 FREE Stonyfield product coupons (ARV-$18)

May 2012
Harvey Prince Ageless perfume (ARV-$55)
American Reunion Soundtrack (ARV-$9)
2 FREE Gorton's Product Coupons (ARV-$10)
2 FREE Gorton's Product Coupons (ARV-$10)
New Years Eve DVD (ARV-$14)
Book-"Chicken Soup: Family Caregivers" (ARV-$8)
Trend Lab Bins (ARV-$50)
Book-"The Complete Idiots guide to couponing" (ARV-$10)
$25 Giftcard to Fragrences123 (ARV-$25)
$10 Paypal (ARV-$10)
2 FREE Gorton's Product Coupons (ARV-$10)
Book-"Chicken Soup: The Magic of Mothers & Daughters" (ARV-$8)
CatDog Season 2 Part 1 DVD (ARV-$14.99)
2 Double Boxes of Cherrios (ARV-$8)

June 2012
1 Box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal (ARV-$4)
2 Limited Edition Yankee Candles (ARV-$28)
Book-"Echoes of Titanic" (ARV-$14.99)
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo (ARV $55)
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island DVD- (ARV $14)
Book-"The Book of Madness and Cures" (ARV- $16)
Dove VisibleCare Toning Body Wash (ARV-$8.29)
Book-"Wunderkind" (ARV-$8.99)
1 Box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal (ARV-$4)
Awesome Adventures 2: Races, Chases & Fun DVD (ARV- $11)

July 2012
Book-"Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know" (ARV-$4)
Book-"I am Spartacus" (ARV-$11)
Book-"Explorer X-Beta" (ARV-$11.99)
4 Snack Size Bags of Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips with Mango Habanero (ARV-$4)
NIVEA Summer Skincare package (ARV-$20)
Coupon for a FREE Dry Idea Deodorant Product (ARV-$5.50)
Bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract (ARV-$5)
Book-"Ani's 15 Day Fat Blast" (ARV-$24)
Big & Toothfairy DVD Pack- (ARV-$14.98)
6 Boxes of Mott's Fruit Snacks- (ARV-$12)
Jesse Terry CD (ARV-$9.99)
Palmolive Dish and Sponge Fresh Liquid (ARV-$3)
Jungle Book DVD (ARV-?)

August 2012
Fancy Feast Appetizer (ARV-$1)
2 Jill Shalvis Books (ARV-$16)
Wholesome Sweeteners Gift Basket (ARV-$100)
Fancy Feast Appetizer (ARV-$1)
Purina Be Happy Dog Food (ARV-??)
Coupon for a FREE small McDonald's Beverage (ARV-$2)
Book- The Science of Skinny (ARV- $11.55)
Book- The Forsaken (ARV-$13.24)
80 My Coke Rewards (ARV-??)
Timmy Time: Happy Birthday Timmy DVD (ARV-$8)
Book- The Rise of Nine (ARV-$12.23)
Angry Beavers Season 3 DVD (ARV-$20)
Book-Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (ARV-$5)
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume (ARV-$89)
Twinkles Toes: The Movie DVD (ARV-$9.99)
Book- Chicken Soup: Say Goodbye to Back Pain (ARV-$9.95)
$25 Spaweek GiftCard (ARV-$25)

September 2012
Betty Crocker Cereal Muffin Mix Prize Pack (ARV-$15)
$25 Walmart Gift Card (ARV-$25)
$25 Mr. Chewy Gift Card (ARV-$25)
Book- Growing up Brave (ARV-$9)
Too Faced Eye Shadow & Shadow Insurance (ARV-$25)
Book- The Trouble with Magic (ARV-$8)
Book- 50 Ways to Play (ARV-$5)
Book- Los Cuatro Acuerdos (ARV-10)
Jillian Michaels Shred It with Weights DVD- (ARV-$7)
Prize Pack containing 6 Books (ARV-??)
Coupon for 1 FREE Barilla Microwave Meal- (ARV-$4)


January 2011
White Collar Prize Pack (ARV-$50)
Beyonce DVD/CD (ARV-$15)
Michael McDonald's This Christmas DVD (ARV-$15)

February 2011
Despicable Me DVD & Hat (ARV-$20)
Book- Chicken Soup Family Matters (ARV-$10)

March 2011
Xmas With the Ojays CD (ARV-$5)
$100 Cash Prize (ARV-$100)
4 Dassant Baking Mixes (ARV-$6)
5 Boxes of Cereal & $10 Target GC (ARV-$25)

April 2011
Book- Chicken Soup Grieving & Recovery (ARV-$10)
Book- Chicken Soup Shaping the new you (ARV-$10)
MLB 2k11 PS3 Game (ARV-$48) Count this as a loss because I sold it and never got paid.

July 2011
Elf Lipstick (ARV-$6)

August 2011
Book- The Perfect Drink for every occasion (ARV-$10)

September 2011
Party Groove: Pride CD Download (ARV-$11)

November 2011
5 Coupons for Kellog's Fiberplus Products- Blog Win (ARV-$15)
Robitussin Blanket-Robitussin Sweeps- (ARV-$20)
Andrea Orbeck: Supermodel Series DVD (ARV-$22)

December 2011
Rock & Learn DVD-Blog (ARV-$15)


January 2010
Book-True Colors (ARV-$14.99)
Book-Fireworks Over Toccoa (ARV-$5.00)
My Sister's Keeper Blu Ray (ARV- $20.00)
Book- The Bird Room- (ARV-13.99)

March 2010
Book-Swan for the Money (ARV-$16.49)
$10 to Restaurant.com (ARV-$10)

April 2010
Up Blu Ray (ARV-19.99)

May 2010
Air Moon Safari 10th Anniversary CD/DVD set (ARV-$20)

June 2010
Book- The Shroud Codex (ARV-$15)
Where the wild things are DVD (ARV-$28.98)
Book- The Mountain Between Us (ARV-$12.00)
Axe Prize Pack- Blog- (ARV-$15.00)
One Year Subscription to Business Week Magazine (ARV-$50)
Drawn Together Soundtrack- (ARV-$10)
Book- Infinite Days- (ARV-$5)
Indie CD Prize Pack (ARV-$20)
Bingo @ Work- Cash- (ARV-$77)
Scratch Tickets- Cash- (ARV-$13)
Alice in Wonderland Blu Ray/DVD Combo (ARV-$20)

August 2010
Coke Summer Tshirt, Beach Towel, & 25 My Coke Reward points- Blog- (ARV-$100)
Book- A Secret Kept (ARV-$14.99)

September 2010
One Tree Hill Season 7 DVD (ARV-$50)

October 2010
2 Goosebumps DVDS (ARV-$20)
1 Year Subscription to Forbes magazine (ARV-$30)
Book- "The Duff" (ARV-$16.99)
The Office Season 6 DVD (ARV-$30)

November 2010
Book- Towers of Midnight (ARV-$20)
Book- Little book on meaning (ARV-$22)
$25 Amazon GC (ARV-$25)
Book- Where hearts are Free (ARV-$10)
$50 Marathon Gas GC (ARV-$50)

December 2010
Book- Russian Winter (ARV-$14)
Human Target Season 1 DVD (ARV-$30)
$35 CSN Stores GC (ARV-$35)


January 2009
Slot Music Player w/ Akon Music Card. (ARV-$34.98)
2 Tickets to see an Advanced Screening of The United States of Tara.
Matt Nathanson Signed "Some Mad Hope" CD (ARV-$20-$25)
Books-Love in 90 Days By Diana Kirschner, Walking in Your Own Shoes By Robert Schuller, The Power of Who By Bob Beaudine, God Is My Coach By Larry Julian, Do-It-Yourself Hedge Funds By Wayne Weddington, 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want By Dr. Creflo A. Dollar ,Going Gray By Anne Kreamer, This Year You Write Your Novel By Walter Mosley

February 2009
Santa Hat- The WB
Pair of YMI Jeans- (ARV $48)

March 2009 
Hair Remover Threader- Product Girl. (ARV $16.99)

April 2009 
A basket of Skin2Skin facial care items- Lifetime (ARV $368)

May 2009 
2 Tickets to a Third Eye Blind Concert- NH.com
M.A.C Powder & Gloss (ARV $22)
Elliot Yamin CD and Autographed Poster- Teen Hollywood
Twinklet- Jasper (ARV $24.95)

June 2009 
One Year subscription to BusinessWeek Magazine- Instant Win- (ARV $48)
Fundex Jump Ropes
Drivin to Kill DVD (ARV $15-$20)

July 2009 
WWE RAW Tshirt
12 Rounds DVD
Retro Block Ipod Speaker (ARV-$25)

August 2009
Road Trip: Beer Pong DVD (ARV- $20)
3 Month Membership to Club Pogo- Instant Win- (ARV- $18)

September 2009
L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray (ARV- $14.99)
Smallville Season 8 DVD (ARV- $35)
Book- "The Inheritance" (ARV- $14.99)

October 2009
Book- Year of the Horse (ARV- $18.95)
Red and Black Crossbone Knee Highs & a $20.00 Claire's Gift card (ARV- $28.50)
Black and White Crossbone Knee Highs & a $20.00 Claire's Gift Card (ARV- $28.50)
Infestation DVD- (ARV- $24.98)
The Big Bang Theory Season 2 DVD (ARV- $40.00)
Spongebob: The First 100 Episodes DVD (ARV- $100.00)

November 2009
2 Concert Tickets to see Tech N9NE (ARV-$50)
Visine All Day Itch Relief (ARV- $12.99)
Book- Once in a Blue Moon (ARV- $24.95)
MAG Video Game for PS3 (ARV- $60)
IllScarlett CD "1up!" (ARV- $25.99)


Early 2008
CD Cover Maker.

July 2008 
2 Brian Wilson Concert Tickets (ARV-$70)
Folding Chair (ARV $12)
Oprah's Sample Bag (ARV $50)
Picture This! Movie Poster

August 2008
Wizards of Waverly Place on DVD
Slip N Slide

September 2008
A bunch of items (notebooks, folders, binders, etc) from MEAD

October 2008
Dolly Parton "Backwards Barbie" CD
Breathing Easy CD
Book- "Sunset"
Sally Hershberger Hair Styling Products

November 2008
Expelled on DVD
Book- Caught Stealing by Charlie Houston

December 2008
Book- Six Bad Things by Charlie Houston
Book- Audition by Barbara Walters

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