Friday, April 24, 2015

April 2015 Popsugar Must Have Box Review & Unboxing!

Please watch my unboxing video and then come back and read this post :)

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a subscription box which costs $39.99 per month, BUT all the products you get are full size and the boxes are always worth more than $100! If you love getting surprises than this box is for you!

The items in the box:

1.) Dabney Lee Dottie Umbrella: I absolutely love this Umbrella! It is navy blue with white polka dots and has a pink handle. It is so cute! I also love the quick click function which opens and retracts the umbrella for you. Value: $20

2.) One Love Organics Gardenia & Tea Antioxidant Body Serum: I have not tried this yet but I love getting skincare products so I was super happy to get this in the box! Value: $39

3.) Produce Candles Rhubarb Spring Candle: I love getting candles in the box. I can never have enough candles. This one has such a relaxing smell also. This candle is really cute so I actually won't use this one (and will just have on display on my bookcase) until I go through my other candles. $20

4.) Flip & Tumble 24-7 Bag: This bag curls up into a little ball so it does not take up much space. The idea of the bag is good but the bag is kind of ugly and is not that spacious so this is just an okay item. $12

5.) Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-Bag Basil: After reading the instructions, forget this. It seems like a real pain to grow this and I have cats so I would not be able to leave this out. I have never used Basil in a recipe either so this would just sit there anyway. $10

"Special Extra": They included a $25 "Gift Card" to However, the "gift card" can not be used on shipping and also can not be combined with other offers. Therefore it is a coupon and not a gift card. What irked me most is they counted this as an item that is why there are only 5 other items in the box.

For me the box was worth it just because I loved the Umbrella, Serum, and Candle. However, since they counted this "gift card" as an item there were actually 2 less items in the box than last month. In the past Popsugar has had up to 8 items in the box so to see a measly 5 is upsetting. However, I did renew for another 6 months just because I do love getting these boxes. Total value is very low this month also because I did not count the "gift card" as an item. Also, I wish they had included another food item (even something small like a candy bar) for the people who were not interested in growing the Basil.

Total value of the box: $101.00 (not including the "gift card")

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